The Society’s Strategy to 2030

Never mind the pandemic, animals in need still need our help and on top of all the hard work done during the year, in March 2021, the National ten-year strategy was published. The goal is to ensure that in 2030 National Society will be a sustainable, forward-looking charity, focused on working where it can make the most difference to animals.

The Society has eight bold ambitions:

  1. Reduce cruelty to animals by half – to reduce neglect, abuse and cruelty to companion animals, including exotic pets, in England and Wales by 50%.
  2. Prevent ‘petfishing – to end the illegal selling of puppies and kittens in the UK.
  3. Boost farm animal welfare – to see more than half of all UK’s farm animals reared to RSPCA welfare standards. To encourage people to ‘eat less, eat better’ by encouraging people to consume less meat, fish, eggs and dairy from low-welfare farms and to only choose higher-welfare labels.
  4. End severe suffering in research – to secure a global commitment to developing, validating and accepting non-animal technologies to replace animal experiments, and put an end to the severe suffering of laboratory animals.
  5. Secure legal protection for animals – to help establish animal protection as a significant UK governmental goal supported by an independent public body, legally established, an Animal Protection Commission.
  6. Help our inspectors rescue animals sooner – to achieve statutory powers in England and Wales for RSPCA inspectors under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
  7. Get the UN onboard for animals – to secure the adoption by the United Nations of a comprehensive Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.
  8. Inspire a one million-strong movement for animal welfare by 2030 – to use our new Community Engagement Programme to mobilise more people to help us help animals.

The Society recognises these ambitions are challenging and that there is a lot to do but it feels confident that with everyone working together it will be possible to achieve amazing things for animals.

The full RSCPA Strategy document can be downloaded from here :