Patsy – Cat

2 years old
Arrived 7th May 2019
Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath

This gorgeous girl was originally adopted early 2017 when 8 weeks old (she was found outside as a tiny kitten with no mother present) but since the arrival of a baby a few months ago Patsy has not adjusted, her owners tried everything they could to try and alleviate it to no avail. When cats become poorly, or stressed and unhappy it can lead them to stress spraying. So they took her to see a vet to rule out an infection and after a urine test was done and it came back negative she was diagnosed with Stress. So they came to the very sad decision to return her so she can find another home where she can be happy again.

She absolutely adores cuddles – will be picked up by a new owner in time but maybe not straight away but she loved her previous owners picking her up, she’s confident, super affectionate and very playful, she also has her comfort blanket which she sometimes suckles on so this must go with her. Patsy needs a home without young children, but she could be slowly introduced to a new cat as long as it’s cat friendly as apparently she loves other cats!


If you’d be interested in giving Patsy a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 07846 539500

Log no.  508/24/12/16

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