Bailey & Lucy

  • Female
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • 4 and 2 years
  • Arrived 16th July, 2020
  • Boarded at Rode Heath

This super looking pair are mother and daughter and must stay together. They have come from extremely poor conditions. The owner originally acquired them via the internet. They clearly have not had the best time of it.

Bailey is the tortie mum. She had to have a dental which resulted in eight extractions. They have been health checked, microchipped and started vaccinations.

Bailey is lovely and friendly and is now eating better since her dental and therefore should gain some much-needed weight. Lucy is a bit timid but perks up a lot at food time!

So, let’s make this third time lucky in finding them a loving new home!

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log Number 343716

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