• Male
  • Domestic shorthair 
  • 4-6 month old on arrival
  • Arrived 25th January [90 days ago]
  • Fostered in Buxton
  • Log no. 1107949


Beau has been on quite a journey since being in our care. He has transformed from the little boy who arrived on day one absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. He would curl himself up into the smallest ball to hide and his skin would crawl if you touched him.

The Beau we look after today is confident & so happy. He absolutely loves a fuss and will remind you to carry on if he wants you to keep going. He will curl up in your lap and watch telly with you. Beau is very vocal now and will announce that he is entering the room and will keep chattering away until everyone acknowledges him. He will tell you when he is hungry and it’s dinner time. Beau loves his foster brothers and he greets every one of them when they come in. He loves to play chase with them and will happily share his ball with everyone so they can play together.

Beau is no longer a terrified little boy he is now a vocal & confident little boy who would love to find a forever family with some new young siblings he can grow up with, this interaction is very important to Beau. Due to his history and demeanour a child free home is best.


Beau came from a home of 400 animals. He was kept in a crate. He and his siblings who got separated spent three months in a cattery under the National Society waiting for a branch, such as ours, to provide a space for rehoming.

Beau had terrible diarrhoea so various faecal and blood tests were done and thankfully all came back clear for everything. The vet said that it’s likely his intestinal lining is damaged from worms and he needs to stay on Gastrointestinal food; he is also on Fortiflora for a few weeks. His stools are improving but it will take time to repair.

Beau has been FIV/FELV tested, wormed, flead, chipped and vaccinated.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with our Beau, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on: