Bella Reserved

  • Persian
  • Female
  • 7-10 years old
  • Arrived 23rd June, 2020
  • Fostered in Macclesfield

Bella means beautiful and you can see why. She’s had a name change; new name new life. Look at her ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs.

Bella had been abandoned, always been a house cat, but her owner left her and turfed her outside where she’d been for a week without food or water living under the rubbish bags. Just so very cruel. Neighbours contacted the RSPCA. The owner was traced and dealt with!

On arrival, her body score was 3 out of 9; very thin, weepy eyes, badly matted, dehydrated, ear mite infestation and starving.

After all this time and with our fosterer’s hard work and tender loving care. Bella is now ready for rehoming. She has had a blood test, been microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.

A home without other pets needed. A home where she can eventually enjoy a peaceful nice garden if she so chooses.

Here is Bella’s foster Mum’s blog to read:

In all the years of fostering for RSPCA and the many sights I have seen, my heart just broke when I saw Bella for the first time when she arrived at my home on 24th June. Her fur was covered in matts, her eyes had lots of brown crusty bits around them and near her little nose, she was riddled with ear mites and, on top of all this, she was seriously malnourished.

Considering how she had been treated before, she was so friendly and purred with all the attention myself and my son bestowed on her. I started to gently clean her eyes; this was so bad it took me some time to get them back to how she should look. Persians are known for the brown staining around the eyes due to them forever tearing which, once it hits the air, turns brown. By just using a little clean cool water on a soft cotton pad this is soon wiped away. She does have the most amazing large amber eyes.

Unfortunately, I had to give her a bath and get her all her fur clipped as the matts were so bad and they were pulling at her skin which must have caused her some pain. She even got to wear her own little green jumper to keep her warm afterwards. I am pleased to say her fur is growing back slowly and looking good, she is groomed daily. Persian cats all need regular grooming to keep their fur matt free. Bella does not mind being groomed at all she purrs throughout her pamper sessions.

She did receive treatment for the ear mites and they have all gone now. Bella has been slowly putting weight on and although she has some way to go with her love for food this won’t take too long.

Bella loves to play with a variety of cat toys but soon tires herself out and will find a comfy spot to take a snooze. She loves to sit on the sofa next to you and on the bed at night, she is extremely attentive and adores to lean on you; she is a bit of a snorer!

Bella is just such a gentle natured girl who loves nothing more than a good head and chin rub and a tummy tickle. She simply loves to be wherever you are. Bella can be a little vocal when she wants feeding and will kindly tell you when she has used her litter tray too.

I think she would be OK with older children secondary school/teens. She does not like being picked up and held so I think younger children will annoy her. Older children probably will be better to understand this and just fuss her on her terms. The more physical attention she receives the better as she loves being with people.

All this beautiful girl needs right now is a forever home that is safe, quiet, warm and where she can get as much attention as she needs; she will give back continuous love to her new owner/s.

If you feel that you tick all these boxes and can give her the daily grooming plus keeping her eyes clean please get in touch with the Branch.

Bella so deserves her happy ever after.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log Number 00325929

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