Billy and Benjie – Guinea Pigs

  • Male
  • Approx 1 year old
  • Arrived 4th December (142 days ago)
  • Fostered in Scholar Green
  • Log no: 1189939

These adorable cavies were dumped outside a takeaway in a bag. They were, of course, petrified.  But our lovely fosterers have helped them build some confidence and trust. However, this is still a work in progress and for any new owner to continue.

They LOVE their grub and it’s the way to their hearts! Due to their temperament, we feel they need the company of girly cavies so they feel part of a true family. Bit it’s not mandatory.

They have been health checked and neutered.

Feb update:They are taking from my hand now if it is something they really like.They eat well! Occasionally Billy fronts Ben and they have a chase around the cage! They are getting use to being cleaned out and even investigate the brush Probably not relevant but they do seem to do their business in 3 different corners. Don’t drink from the bottle only from a bowl. I keep the bottle close to the bowl in the hope. They make mince meat of the willow toys and love fresh grass and of course hay. Fussy about some greenery they will eat but you can tell their favourite food.

They require an indoor home.

We only accept C&C type set ups. Minimum 6 x 2ft (or 5 x 3ft) of ground floor space for a pair, a few extra sqaure feet for a group. This pair need a water bottle and a water bowl as they are a bit choosey! 

For everything you need to know:

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with these lovely guinea pigs please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on