Bindi – New Zealand White Rabbit

  • Female
  • 2 years approx.
  • Arrived 5th May, 2020
  • Fostered in Congleton

Bindi arrived as a stray at a vets in Stockport. They tried for a couple of weeks to locate owner and rehome to no avail so contacted our branch as their local RSPCA doesn’t take in rabbits. We’ve had her vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. She’s a very healthy bunny but weighs in at 5.6kg! She’s not your average sized bunny!

Bindi is an inquisitive bunny who will hop over to you while in her run, probably in search of a treat! She is a foodie who loves to eat her hay, veggies and herbs. Her favourite food however is her Excel nuggets, as she often tries to pull her food bowl back into her hutch once refilled! These will need to be monitored though, as she won’t stop eating them given the chance!

Bindi needs a large enclosure with lot’s of stimulation as she’s a very active bunny, and is happiest when outside. She is an avid digger, so her enclosure will need to be very secure! She takes pride in making holes in the ground, and mounds of dirt about the place! I have found that she is quite accepting of being picked up, and will settle on your lap for a stroke happily, often stretching out. She just needs to feel secure when you’re picking her up.

As she is so friendly and sociable, she will make a wonderful addition to a family if given the chance.

Bindi will need her new owner to bond her with a neutered male – advice will be given.

NOTE Housing requirement is a shed because of her size, with a minimum ‘attached’ 10x6ftx3ft (height) run. Plus freedom to a secure garden/alternative area for stimulation or a bespoke setup; exercise space and enrichment is most important!

Please read this information on suitable accommodation

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log no. PR166 5/5/20

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