Brodie – SBT x Reserved

  • 2 years old
  • Male
  • Arrived end August, 2020
  • Fostered by current adopters in Nottingham

Brodie originally came into our care back in May via an Inspector working with social services; he was neglected, not being fed, not being taken for walks and shut in a room for the most part. He has had a terrible start in life.

Brodie is a very friendly dog and he does enjoy the presence and company of people, he is soft as a brush, a big baby, no bad bone in his body, but he will need an experienced owner who is able to deliver the training he needs and manage him in a way that will make him less anxious about life.

He was not coping well at all with kennel life when he was with us originally, so he moved to one of our foster homes for a few weeks. Adopted at the end of June, the adopters now feel they don’t have the time to manage his training needs.

Brodie didn’t deserve this but the good news is that he doesn’t have to go back into kennels which would ruin him, his current adopters are willing to keep him till he’s adopted. They also have a report from a dog trainer who came out. Please bear in mind it’s a very difficult situation for all concerned.

Prior to coming into our care, he had no socialisation outside of the house. But he gets so frustrated if he can’t meet and greet people and dogs but because of his anxieties and overzealous excitement and the fact other people are put off by this and other dogs tend to react, so he’s not getting the chance to socialise-he is completely misunderstood.

When he was in foster, he met a few dogs, even played and his anxieties and vocalness wasn’t a big issue then but it won’t be either for the right owners and it will calm down in time eventually we’re sure.

We would consider rehoming Brodie with another dog if intial introductions go well. With someone who loves the breed, has owned this breed, who understands the breed and is willing and has the time to help Brodie live life to the fullest-he will need someone home most of the time; a home in a quiet area, rural or semi-rural so there’s less for him to get anxious about.

Staffies are very fast learners and very loyal and, in the right home, he will be a super dog given half a chance!

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log number: 00228276

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