Bruce – American Bulldog

Bruce came into RSPCA care with Skyla and their three puppies (all now adopted.) His owner’s family got in touch after their son had just upped and left without word leaving the dogs behind in his property. The parents took all the dogs into safety but couldn’t keep them.

Bruce has been finding life in kennels difficult and scary and, as a result, it has taken him some time to learn to trust people. His tendency is to shy away and try to hide. Otherwise, he’s described as a placid and affectionate dog in the home. Once you’ve gained his confidence and he’s away from the kennel environment, he is a playful and friendly dog and can be giddy. He does like his treats so this can be a good way to help make friends with him.

Bruce has lived with children in his previous home but due to his nervous nature with new people and boisterousness, we feel he would be best placed in an adult only home. The previous owner said that he was OK with other dogs when being walked. He has lived with other dogs and was fine with them apart from an unneutered male American Bulldog who he apparently did not like.

Whilst in our care he has not mixed with any other dogs yet but has met them whilst out and about and going past his kennel and he has generally been OK and seems quite interested, though he did get barky when a dog grumbled at him. We have no previous history on him around cats or small animals.

Bruce enjoys playing and loves shaking his toys about. He likes toys as a comforter and according to his previous owner is partial to tea towels! He is very strong on the lead so would be best walked on a harness. According to his previous owner he is housetrained and travels OK.

Please contact Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre for further advice and information about rehoming requirements –
telephone: 01246 273358

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