• Male
  • Domestic shorthair
  • 4 years old
  • Arrived 24th November, 2021
  • Boarded at Rode Heath

Adorable Buttons came in via RSPCA Inspectors as he was living rough with his mum, Ruby (also advertised.) The owner had been feeding them outside for a year as she lived in a high rise flat, she was worried about them having to endure another winter.

Buttons and Ruby were caught separately and as a result Ruby ended up in a different branch, so we arranged for her to be transported to our branch. However, the reunion did not go according to plan: Ruby simply is not taking to Buttons. They must have been close for them to stay together all that time on the streets but maybe the separation has had an effect on them.

Buttons is very affectionate, friendly and LOVES attention. His hobbies are eating, chatting and getting your attention! We think he’d suit most homes but one without pets and no small children because he has a habit of hissing when people enter his accommodation. He has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and while at the hospital he had a tooth removed as it was fractured. Post dental, Button’s carer noticed he had a problem with his mouth so took a look – the skin flap over his gum had died back and created a hole;  this has been treated and is so much better. Buttons is now ready for his forever home!

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on rehoming@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk or leave a message on 07846 539500

Log no. 757069

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