Cassy – Belgium Shepherd

Cassy – a lovely dog, high energy and very bright!

She spent 185 days in privately owned boarding kennels while her case was investigated.  She came in with several other dogs including puppies, one of which had to be euthanized and one had a leg amputated due to a severe injury. 

Cassy is very friendly but quite an anxious girl. She absolutely loves her toys and is very toy oriented. She is very happy when playing with a toy and carrying a toy. Likes her food, but prefers toys. Enjoys fuss and contact from people, she is also very good with her basic commands and will sit, give paw, lay down and stay. She was just kept in a filthy yard and hasn’t had a good life at all. So …..

She’s very noise and movement sensitive. She will lunge and bark/spin on lead if around traffic (sometimes okay if it’s steady, slow moving traffic). Things like petrol lawnmowers really worry her and she can take a while to recover. With this in mind we feel she would suit a home which is rural/semi rural/ fairly remote or a home where she can easily be walked without coming across busy roads and lots of traffic.

She’s looking for an experienced, adult only home with no other pets. A home which can provide her adequate and appropriate mental stimulation and physical exercise. We have found her to be comfortable with seeing dogs on lead, but doesn’t like them too close. Cassy will be spayed in due course. 

If you’d like to express an interest in adopting Cassy please complete the online form here::