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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Whiskers – Cat

WhiskersMale5 years oldDSH Exotic mixArrived 13th MayPrivate boarding, Rode Heath This highly unusual looking boy has found himself in our care after being abandoned, a neighbour contact the RSPCA. We are not sure but we believe the owner may have became homeless. We don’t have any history on Whiskers but […]

Bruce – Cat

BruceMale DSH7 years old approxArrived 13th MayPrivate boarding, Rode Heath Brucey boy is a big lad, weighing in at 5.5 kg! He’s a nice big tom who has certainly been through the mill, he was a stray brought in by an Inspector with minor injuries to his front legs, the […]

Patsy – Cat

Patsy Female 2 years old DSH Arrived 7th May 2019 Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath This gorgeous girl was originally adopted early 2017 when 8 weeks old (she was found outside as a tiny kitten with no mother present) but since the arrival of a baby a few months ago […]

Lassie – Border Collie

Lassie 11 years old Female Border Collie Arrived 25th April 2019 Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre This old girl has come into our care under the Home For Life scheme https://www.rspca.org.uk/whatwedo/care/homeforlife Sadly her Dad passed away but at least he knows Lassie is in the best hands and will find a […]

Mittens – Cat

Mittens Female Tabby DSH 10 months old Arrived 18th April Private boarding Rode Heath Mittens was abandoned and left behind by her female owner when she moved out. Landlord rang the RSPCA, as is often the case the owner could not be traced. So after a while of being in […]

Fluffy -Cross breed Rabbit

Fluffy Male 5 years old Cross breed Arrived 15th March Fostered in Chapel en Le Frith Fluffy came into our care because he was unwanted. Original owner left him temporarily with somone else, but then moved abroad without letting the ‘carer’ know. He has been checked by two different vets […]

Missy – Cat

Missy Female Tabby 18 monts old Arrived 25th April Private boarding, Rode Heath Missy has come in via an Inspector, apparently the owner couldn’t cope. Unfortunately we don’t have any more information than that. Missy is a confident friendly girl, described as giddy but affectionate. She has been brought up […]

Smudge – Cat

Smudge Male DSH 7 years 9 months Arrived 15th April Private boarding Rode Heath, Staffordshire This gorgeous silky looking boy has come into our care after being rehomed privately by his original owner but was not integrating with the residents cats in the second home; this was causing much distress […]

Poppy – Crossbreed

Poppy Female Cross breed 4 years 10 months Arrived 7th April Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Poppy’s owner contacted us to say she’s at her wits end and we took this to be a warning sign so when a space came up Poppy came in. She hasn’t got the time for […]

Sutty – Cat

Sutty 6 years old Female Grey and white DSH Arrived 2nd April Fostered in Macclesfield This dainty little girl came into our care because she and another cat were abandoned but not in the way we are led to believe, the owner, a young lady with mental health issues had […]

Kenjie – Cat

Kenjie Male Tabby and White DSH 2 years old approx. Arrived 20th March Private boarding Rode Heath Kenjie’s a handsome fella, we are sure you’ll all agree! He landed up here with as as stray, no doubt scrapping because he also had an abscess! But he is now neutered which […]

Bella – Cat

Bella Female 6 months old DSH Arrived 20th March Private boarding Rode Heath Bella has come into our care for rehoming from a multi cat household; the owner couldn’t look after the cats so they were signed over. Currently Bella is quite timid, gentle and quiet, no doubt overwhelmed at […]

Prairie – Cat

Prairie 2 years old Female Tabby Arrived 20th March Private boarding Rode Heath This beautiful green eyed girl came in to RSPCA as her owner sadly died, we don’t know under what circumstances, but Prairie is a lost soul at the moment, very scared and no doubt missing her owner. […]

Cake – Blue Pointed Rag Doll

Cake Blue Pointed Rag Doll Female 6 years old Arrived 20th March Private boarding, Staffordshire This beautiful feline came into RSPCA care back in May 2018. In total 130 animals were taken. They were seized for unnecessary suffering, bad conditions and poor welfare overall. Cake has been signed over for […]

Robyn – German Shepherd

Robyn Female German Shepherd 9 years old Arrived 5th February Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre. This old lady is just heart meltingly beautiful! Robyn has come from the same home as Mary. She had spent a couple of months in emergency boarding kennels after her owner died. There were 9 German […]