Chai – Reserved

  • Female
  • 8 weeks old on arrival
  • Arrived with us 6th June  (39 days ago)
  • Being looked after in Congleton
  • Log number : 1245063

Chai is a very sweet, smart and sassy puppy. She’s true to her breed and loves to learn, she mastered sit, touch and lie down in one day! 

She is very playful but can be mouthy at times due to her Maligator traits. She will need someone around most of the time as she’s still quite little and doesn’t like being left alone.

We would want Chai to attend puppy classes. The Malinois is an extremely intelligent, high energy and active breed so Chai would suit someone who is active and willing to provide stimulation, fun and positive energy. She would make a great family dog and children 8+ would be fine. 

She will be neutered when she’s old enough and we will cover the cost. She is microchipped and vaccinated. 

As there is an ongoing legal case we cannot divulge anything online about Chai’s story. Adoption fee is £500. Existing pets must already be neutered vaccinated and microchipped.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with Chai please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on: for an application form.