Diddy & Bella – Netherland Dwarf and Lop Dwarf Rabbits

Young adult (at least 3) and 4 years old
Male & Female
Arrived 21st June, 2019
Boarded in Rode Heath

Bella was adopted 4 years ago then Diddy, our blue-eyed boy, 2 years ago after being bonded, they absolutely adore each other! But due to personal problems they have been returned, it’s very sad indeed because since being rescued they’ve lived the life of Riley. We have a lot of information from their previous owner to pass on but here’s a little bit of an insight into this gorgeous pair.

Bella takes pride in her appearance and is always grooming herself to ensure she is pristine white. She’s affectionate and inquisitive but also a little shy with new people.  Diddy is more temperamental than Bella. Sometimes he loves being stroked on his head and ears and other times he’s not so keen. He loves Bella and often grooms her. In Spring he can get a bit amorous! They are inquisitive and love being around humans. They love playing in cardboard boxes and like to shred newspaper. The rabbits lived indoors and had unlimited access to the large front room, with lots of tunnels, hidey holes, boxes, chairs, and objects at different levels.  On nice days, in the warmer months, the rabbits like to spend time outdoors.

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and then call 01625 669620 or email us.

Log no. Bella 834 6/5/15 Diddy 107 4.3.17

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