Harley made himself at home straight away. He is such a well-mannered gentleman and loves everyone he meets, and everyone loves him back. He loves to socialise and has made lots of doggy friends since being with us. When he arrived he was a bit wobbly on his legs and tripped over himself but since we have put him on some joint supplements he is running through fields and bouncing around like a puppy again. He absolutely loves his squeaky toys and brings us a toy in the morning when he wakes up. He comes with us to anywhere that will have him, and is a favourite at the local pub.

We have just come back from a weekend in Wales and he went in the sea, ran on the beach and had some lovely walks. He especially had fun trying to chase and play with a young greyhound – he doesn’t understand that he is 13! We are so glad that we chose to adopt him, especially as an older lad. He has such a personality and makes us laugh so much.

August 2019

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