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Holly only came to live with us 3 years and 8 months ago from the RSPCA. She was brought in with Ziggy (who passed on in February this year). After Ziggy found a new home, we fell for Holly and she moved in with us and became a friend of our greyhound Jak. The pair of them got on well, even though Holly continually tried to steal his bed!
We never really knew how old Holly was, but we knew she was quite an elderly girl from the start. However, she was as energised and tough as any young thing and never seemed to stop or sit down! She was such a free spirit and really was her own boss and did her own thing. But she would always keep an eye on us all when we were out with her – checking we were ok and trying to round us up if we got too spread out (that was the collie in her). She also loved any puddle or pool of water – and the muddier the better. I have had to fish her out of several bogs as she didn’t quite realise how deep or muddy it was and got stuck! But she’d just shake herself down and get going as if nothing had happened. She wasn’t fazed by much – pretty fearless (the terrier in her).
She would love nothing better than pottering around the field next to where we live. I’m sure she thought it was her field! She did have a passion for balls and would have kept going all day running after the ball. In fact, she only stopped fetching the ball a couple of days before she died. That’s how we really knew her time had come.
So, dear Holly, we are so glad you came to stay with us for your last few years and we’ll be finding all those balls you hid round the house for years to come I’m sure. Have fun wherever you are now!
Helen 25/11/13
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