Jess – Reserved

  • Female
  • 8 years old
  • Arrived 13th October, 2020
  • Fostered in Stockport

JESS is such a great dog!

A very sad history; originally came into RSPCA care in March 2013. Her owner in rented accommodation; given to parents to look after but they were unable to keep her long term. Unfortunately, she was ill-treated in the past.  Adopted April 2013 and returned to Chesterfield RSPCA September 2020 as the owner was terminally ill and unable to care for Jess.

Jess had quite a strong bond with her previous owner and has not been coping well in kennels since being returned; very stressed. So, we offered her a space in one of our foster homes where she has been so happy:

Jess is a sweet and gentle dog. She is perfectly house trained and will obey basic commands such as Sit, Paw, Lie Down.

Jess loves a game of fetch with a ball, though a metal plate (cruciate ligament op back in 2016) in her rear leg means she may limp the next day if she hasn’t been moving much. Jess walks very well on lead and can be let off however can have select hearing!

She does like to get on furniture such as beds and sofas. In her previous home she often shared the bed and sofa with the humans so this should continue! She is very good with people both in and out of the house.

She is also ok with other dogs and will tend to ignore after a sniff.

Overall Jess is a sweet girl looking for a calm home as she does not like loud noises or sudden movements.

Jess is a good all-round dog! She has never lived with children but can live with another very well socialised friendly but chilled out dog. She needs someone around most of the time-that’s what she’s used to. We have nothing but positive and glowing information from her previous owner.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a new companion, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log number: D2013078

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