• Female 
  • Domestic shorthair 
  • 5 years old (born 15/09/2018)
  • Came to us on 29th August [189 days ago]
  • Boarded at Rode Heath
  • Log no. PC229 6/2/22

Do you have it in your heart to welcome a frightened and timid moggy into your home?


Lily is very sensitive, shy but curious. She enjoys your company but is quite head shy. She loves her food which helps with becoming her friend but just watch her weight! Her confidence should grow more in a calm and patient home. Lily must have a home where she can come and go as she pleases, a cat flap would be ideal.

Lily was returned after after 1½ years due to her adopter, sadly, developing mental health issues.  We have all her veterinary history and she’s up to date with everything.  


Lily is such a sweet but very timid and scared little lady. She will need a very patient person/s to let her just do her own thing and find her own paws. Her owner signed her over because she was heavily pregnant and Lily was toileting everywhere becauseof severe stress.. We were told she had seen her vet but there is no record of this and we tried to chase this up to no avail. So before we put her up for adoption we wanted to assess her.

Previous to this Lily was owned by an elderly lady.

We do not know what Lily has been through in life but we feel that she has been ill treated. She is neutered and microchipped and we’ve had her vet checked and vaccinated.

She requires a pet free home, adults only, no plans for children either, apparently she’s wary of men but if rehomed with a couple perhaps she’ll overcome this in time and that in the right home, she’ll blossom.

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with a our Lily, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on: