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This is a FREE service from the RSPCA Macclesfield SE Cheshire & Buxton Branch to help re-unite owners in the branch area with their missing pets.

If you have lost an animal in our branch area;

PLEASE EMAIL with full details and a photo and we will take your details and add your animal to our lost and found database. We also use our Facebook page to display lost animals

For dogs, your next port of call in your search should be the local dog warden.
Indeed, if you find a stray, the same warden should be contacted.
Below are some useful telephone numbers and web site links in respect of lost animals;


Cheshire East


Stray Cats FAQs
DogLost – re-uniting dogs with their owners
Cat Chat
Rabbit Rehome UK
UK Animal Rescuers (Horses & Donkeys)
Oldies Club – Finding forever homes for older dogs across the UK
Other Animals, Reptiles & Birds
Windyway Trust, Macclesfield (Local Animal Sanctuary)
Overlooked Rescue Dogs
Dog rescue, rehoming and adoption in the UK.
Directory resource of overlooked dogs seeking new homes.

The listing of the above does not imply RSPCA National or branch endorsement. These are for your information only.

Also contact your local vets and leave your details.

Please have your pet microchipped and don’t forget to update the database company  when you move house.

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