Your DOG has gone missing

  • Dogs that are collected by the Warden usually go to Acorn Kennels in Whitchurch 01948 662931
  • Sometimes they stay at Fields Farm Boarding Kennels in Eaton for 7 days 01260 224221
  • Sometimes they go to Just Fur Now Pet Rescue in Biddulph 07505 118448

  • Dogs that are taken to the RSPCA because they are ill or injured usually get taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital 0300 1230711
  • Ring all vets in the area.
  • Put up posters on lamp posts.
  • Ring local radio stations as they can put something out on air:
  • Contact local dog rescues:
  • Register details on these websites for free
  • Pets Located The Pets Located website is particularly important since any dogs that are picked up by a RSPCA Inspector or volunteer are registered on this database (including those that are ill or injured and get taken to Manchester animal hospital.)
  • Animal Search UK
  • Dog Lost
  • Consider hiring a professional (insurance may help pay for this:)
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