Rest in Peace 29th May 2013.





A few years ago a lady contacted us about Mojo, a puppy Mastiff who was regularly beaten by the lady’s son, she had to get him removed for his own safety and we did not hang around. He was the softest biggest boy, he had psychological problems for a while but his new mum, dad and sister Leah the Rottie took him under their wing and showed him what a normal life was like with love all around him. Tragically he had to be put to sleep unexpectedly as he had bad arthritis in his leg and abnormal tissue growth around the damaged joint, it was quite obvious this was cancer and his family are devastated. Mojo and his mum were always on hand to help at events and to raise money for our branch, we cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us. We don’t ask for much, we just want loving homes for the wonderful animals that come into our care and they did not let us or him down. Mojo really was a special boy and every time he met me he would go crazy, I think he still remembers the day he was taken to safety and I will never forget the day I met him and the day he found his new loving family. Thankyou to Linda who contacted us and let Mojo into our lives and who no doubt saved a dogs life. You will always be with us Mojo, you have not left. We love you and miss you terribly x

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