Neutering & Welfare Assistance

Animal CRUELTY and animals in need of RESCUE, are dealt with by our
National RSPCA HelpLine

All too often the RSPCA is asked to take in unwanted puppies and kittens.

Our aim is to neuter as many animals as possible to prevent unwanted litters being born, but that isn’t the only reason why animals should be neutered, it can help correct behavioural issues like aggression and also may prevent cancers and other illnesses and symptoms in later life (speak to your vet for information). Click here for more information on neutering.

The branch operates various neutering schemes for dogs, cats,and miscellaneous animals. If you have a poorly animal and cant afford to get it looked at then provided you are either on means tested benefits or can show you are on low income, then as a one-off we can pay for one animal to be seen by one of our RSPCA approved vets.

Further information can be obtained by contacting 07743 707 231 or email on

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