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Pebbles is the sweetest, gentle, littlest dog you can wish to meet. Her owner contacted our branch for help as she’s got ongoing health problems and her husband died a few months back. Pebbles hasn’t had a walk for two years. She was severely neglected and lived in filthy conditions and a smoked filled room, badly matted fur, flea dirt, very thin, severe tartar on all teeth, luxating patellas (displaced/dislocated knee caps) and walking bow-legged with muscle wastage across her backend. Pictures here show her before and after. If only we were contacted sooner before things got this bad.

Pebbles has seen the vets several times. She is on pain relief and she’s had a much-needed visit with the groomer and no doubt feels a whole lot better. X-rays have been taken – luxation of the left patella, very bad luxation of the right patella. It’s likely she’ll need pain relief in future as likely to develop arthritis. Dental scale and polish – upper incisors removed- all other teeth ok.

We are happy for her to be re-homed with children eight years and over, providing they are respectful of her size, medical condition etc. She has a good track record of being around young children. She can also be re-homed with cats that are used to dogs.

She LOVES to be with people, so will need a home where someone is around most of the time. She will bark for a short while when left on her own but does eventually settle. She loves to sit on your knee! She will obviously need someone who is able to monitor her back legs/hips and be able to provide her with any necessary treatment as she gets older.

Please contact Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre for further advice and information about rehoming requirements –
telephone: 01246 273358

Log number: PD207 11/10/19

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