Peggy – Reserved

  • Female 
  • 2½ years old – DOB 10th August 2021
  • Arrived with us 7th December (89 days ago)
  • Fostered in Macclesfield
  • Log number : 11060272

Pocket Peggy, the happiest dog you will ever meet, she will kiss you, snuggle you, she will make you laugh, she will make you smile and is very loyal. The warmest of blue eyes you will ever gaze into. She loves her food – loves carrots as treats.

A very nice natured dog – no aggression at all to anything, she will bark at the door if someone turns up but that is just to warn you that someone is here in case you have no bell. Always excited to see you if you have been out.

She is not sure about other dogs – she has never been around them to learn, so she is not sure how to act – but shows no aggression at all when seeing other dogs on walks. She wants to play but does not know how!

She is not bothered about cats, squirrels or birds. Loves people and always wants to say hello.

She is easy to walk, does not pull, but will stop if she wants to meet someone to say hello.

Peggy will make a great family dog, great with children (8 years and over) as she is a lump when she wants to lie on you.

Does like to chew blankets but give her a blanket of her own and she is happy.

A truly wonderful dog that deserves a loving forever home.


Peggy came into the RSPCA’s care in April 2023 and was initially cared for in public kennels under the National Society as part of an ongoing investigation but she can now be rehomed. She came into our Branch’s care in December. 

Peggy is currently on Apoquel which we hope to wean her off. Periodically she has a spray for her paws and ear drops. She is being weaned off steroids.  But now we know what her intolerances are!  Peggy is looking for a pet free home. 

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with Peggy, please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on: