Pepper and Gizmo – Guinea Pigs

  • 4 years
  • Male
  • American and Peruvian Guinea Pigs
  • Arrived 8th December, 2021
  • Fostered in Macclesfield

Pepper (short-haired) and Gizmo (long-haired) came into our care as their owner could not look after them. She got in touch with us directly asking if we could take them in. She did say that their claws were too long and that one is on the heavy side. So this set off alarm bells. As the photos show their claws were in a terrible state. We had them fixed up at our vet and aside from Pepper being overweight they are healthy.

They have settled in well after finding their paws. They were both shy to begin with but have really become confident. They’re both very vocal especially when they hear the Kale bag! Pepper is on a diet that is starting to work! Their previous owner said they are affectionate but Pepper is on the shy side.

They are indoor piggies.

They will require a minimum 5ft x 3ft or 6ft x 2ft  C&C or open pen to include their play area/run with plenty of enrichment. We do not rehome guinea pigs to live entirely in a hutch or cage as this does not provide sufficient space or enrichment to express their natural behaviour.

Housing requirements and ideas can be seen here:

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with this lovely pair please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 07846 539500

Log no. PG22 8/12/21

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