Robyn – German Shepherd

German Shepherd
9 years old
Arrived 5th February
Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre.

This old lady is just heart meltingly beautiful! Robyn has come from the same home as Mary. She had spent a couple of months in emergency boarding kennels after her owner died. There were 9 German Sheherds in total living in the property; tragically they were with their deceased owner’s body. All were adults and have been sent to different branches for rehabilitation and rehoming-they are doing well. None were aggressive in any way shape or form which is extaordinary considering that quiet a few were semi feral, they hadn’t ever been outside of the property their entire lives. Robyn however must have had a normal life earlier on as she’s really not like her youngsters at all, she’s the eldest so problems must have started when the owner couldn’t manage a high number of dogs. She is probably missing the company of her canine family, we feel she would benefit from living with another dog, afterall that is all she has ever known her entire life.

Robyn is now in her senior years and is looking for a quiet, steady home where she can live a comfortable life. She is a super friendly girl who can be a little shy around new people at first, but soon gains your trust. She has mixed well with other dogs at the centre and has a history of living with other dogs. There is no history to suggest she has lived with cats so further observations would need to be done in this area. We have placed her with children 10 years and over (no history of living with young children – she can be a little head shy).She does have hip dysplasia which is no great surprise considering her breed and age. We have started her on joint supplements and metacam for now. Robyn will make such a wonderful companion and is great company to be around.

If you are interested in adopting please contact or visit the centre, details are here


Log no. 860/20/12/18

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