Sasha – Bulldog Cross

This incredibly stunning girl is Sasha. She has spent all her young life (since 16 weeks of age) in RSPCA care while a prosecution took place against the owner who refused to sign her over, otherwise she could have been rehomed a long time ago.

Before she was 8 weeks old, Sasha had her ears cropped and very badly done too. Her owners were prosecuted for not seeking veterinary care – the RSPCA had to operate on both ears. She also had Parvovirus on arrival but recovered well in the RSPCA’s care. We could not prove who cut her ears off but Sasha has now been transferred to our Branch for rehoming.

PERSONALITY: Sasha is absolutely wonderful, great with people and so very friendly, she is just all over you! Whilst waiting for the court case she’d spend weekends with a volunteer and her dog for respite; she would have a great time!

She’s still a puppy so is very bouncy and playful with people and dogs. She knows various commands and walks on a harness – she will pull especially when she sees another dog she thinks they ought to play with her so this must not be misconstrued!

Sasha needs a home where she’ll be able to continue her socialisation with new canine pals and someone around most of the time to keep her occupied.

Please contact Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre for further advice and information about rehoming requirements –
telephone: 01246 273358

Log number: 00034464

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