Fern and Bracken – Crossbred Rabbits

  • Does (Fern white/brown, Bracken mainly brown)
  • Approx. 2 years old
  • Arrived 22nd April (683 days ago)
  • Fostered in Macclesfield as of 8th May 2023
  • Log no: 833673

This beautiful pair of bunnies were found dumped in a small plastic hamster cage.

No words can describe how this makes us feel. We thank the powers that be that these girls were found.

Fern has different coloured eyes which are eye-catching!

Fern is a bit friendlier and more confident than Bracken, lovely bunnies. They have also been microchipped and vaccinated. They are in excellent health!

They have great characters and know exactly what they want. They re-arrange their furniture inside their lodge as they please (no arrangement is good enough for them!), hide their bowls under the straw or inside their toy tunnels to trick you into thinking that they have not been fed! Fern is in the habit of ‘fighting’ with whatever it is she feels isn’t in the right place! They enjoy a variety of greens and will let you know their food preferences for a particular week.

Fern is definitely a dominant bun, which works nicely as Bracken is quite happy being bossed around!

However, it’s not all mischief with these two…..

You are definitely in for a treat when they have a funny five charging around the garden or doing multiple binkies, enjoying a good exercise! Of note, when they are not running around like nutters, they may be exploring possible escape routes/eating fallen apples inconspicuously!
They also have their loving moments when one puts her head right under the chin of the other expecting a grooming session:)


Outdoor housing requirement is a minimum 6ft shed/house with minimum 60 sq. feet of secure covered floor space, normally a run and it has to be 3ft in height attached securely to the Rabbits house, with the freedom to a secure garden/alternative area for stimulation; exercise, space and enrichment is most important for these two! Since being in our care they’ve been used to a large enclosure and free ranging.

Please read this information on suitable accommodation https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/a-hutch-is-not-enough/

If you’d be interested in sharing your home with these lovely fluffs please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator on rehoming@rspca-macclesfield.org.uk