Rehoming Your Rabbit or small animals

If you need to rehome your rabbit (or small furries) then we strongly advise not to advertise on the internet or shop windows for free as they could land up in a bad home with inadequate accommodation. They could also be used as LIVE BAIT for dog fighting and abuse.

If you are rehoming your rabbit due to behavioural or aggression problems then please seek advice from your vet/behaviourist as quite often these issues are created because the rabbit is in pain or its accommodation is inadequate. For example, rabbits teeth continually grow and often need trimming if they are not fed the appropriate diet.

Rabbits are the most forgotten pet in Britain; more often than not they are left in hutches on their own 24/7 for years, rarely cleaned, fed, watered and handled-this is cruelty. Are you aware that rabbits can easily become bored and need regular handling, grooming, toys for stimulation, access to the garden to run, jump and even burrow, a good and balanced diet including a constant supply of hay to live a healthy and happy life?

We do encourage that rabbits be kept in pairs or in groups therefore ideally we will only rehome one of our rabbits with a resident rabbit or a pair of our rabbits together. Regardless of where the rabbit is housed they must be handled daily and allowed a break from the hutch. The RSPCA states that rabbits should not be kept in hutches smaller than 6ft x 4 x 2 with an attached run of 10ft x 6 x 3

All the above applies to Guinea pigs but the minimum size of accommodation must be 5ft x 3 and not be kept in small cages or hutches.


Our priority is animals that come in from the inspectors, the cruelty cases and abandonments, therefore please try all the following rescues and if not successful we can add you to our waiting list. We do not own our own boarding facilities and rely heavily on fosterers and private boarding.