Rehoming Your Dog

If you are thinking of rehoming your dog here is some important advice and information.

Do not rehome the dog to anyone you don’t know as many dogs land up in bad homes and there are awful groups who get dogs via internet advertisements or shop windows that want them for live bait for dogfighting. Do not advertise the dog on the internet or in shop windows especially for free or cheaply. There is a high chance the dog can be used for abuse as well as fighting.

If you are rehoming your dog due to behavioural issues please seek help from your vet and/or behaviourist before passing on a problem to someone else, most problems can be resolved. If you are rehoming your dog due to long working hours have you thought about hiring a dog walker to walk the dog halfway through the day, they are very reasonably priced. Have you thought of speaking to your local vets as they may know someone looking for a dog like yours?

If from another rescue you must contact them and have them take the dog back. You can also contact the breeder as a good breeder will have the dog back.

If your dog is not neutered we strongly recommend you get this done as they can still land up in the wrong hands for backyard breeding, it may also help with negative behaviours/aggression. Also if your dog is being aggressive this could be down to a medical problem and will need to be looked at by a vet just in case as some dogs become aggressive if they are in pain or have a neurological problem.

We advise owners not to take their dogs to pounds/rescues that do not do home visits i.e. Mcr, Cheshire, Stoke City, Warrington or Leigh cats and dogs homes.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept animals from members of the public in the main due to lack of funds and space (we do not have an animal centre) and our priorities are animals that come in from the inspectors, the cruelty cases and abandonments, therefore please try all the following rescues and if not successful we can add you to our waiting list.


Windway Animal Rescue01625 422246www.windyway.orgAll animals
Peebles Legacy Dog Rescue07429 484647
Oldies Club0844 586 8656
Dogs Trust Manchester0303 003
Ashbourne Animal Welfare01335 300825www.ashbourneanimalwelfare.orgCats, dogs
Animal Lifeline 01782
Dogs Trust Merseyside0303 003
Alsager Animals in Need 01270 875260www.alsager-animals.netCats, dogs
Sandbach Animal Rescue 01270

Please also search on the internet for Breed Rescues as there are many in the UK who can help with pure breeds.